Pitfalls of Using Tax Software

For some business owners, the very idea of taxes and the process of preparing and filing a return seems daunting. This is the reason why businesses are constantly looking for more convenient options to make the task easier and simple, while at the same time ensuring accuracy of records. Whilst traditional tax preparation methods are […]

4 Most Common Small Business Accounting Mistakes

Maintaining proper accounting records is one of the most challenging tasks for any business. Even a single error can bring fatal consequences that can cost you for years. Assuming it to be just a matter of adding and subtracting the numbers, small businesses often handle their own accounting. However, given the ramifications of bad records, […]

3 Trends Reshaping Payroll Management

Over the past few years, employee management has changed dramatically. The future of workplace is transforming to be completely different from the one today. While on one side, the recent shifts in HR have made employee management simpler, it has made payroll functions more complex, time consuming, and stressful. Although innovative technology has given businesses […]

Basinger CPA – The ENTREPRENEUR’S Accounting Firm (Video)

Why Outsource Your Business Payroll

Payroll is an essential component of any organization. Regardless of the type of industry, timely payroll payments are critical for employees. That bring said, recent technological advancements has led to a majority of businesses outsourcing payroll. Payroll outsourcing service offers a myriad of benefits. To being with, payroll service providers simplify the meticulous and time-consuming […]

Tax avoidance vs. tax evasion: Is there a difference?

The recently released Panama Papers have created uproar across the world. These leaked documents have once again put the spotlight on taxes – among other things. While one can’t ignore the paper’s startling revelations, the aim of this blog piece is on tax evasion and tax avoidance. Tax evasion and tax avoidance are often used […]

Do You Need A Tax Consultant

We’re Hiring! Part-Time Bookkeeper / Office Assistant

Job Description Basinger CPA is hiring an experienced bookkeeper. Duties will include: Bookkeeping / Data Entry in QuickBooks Payroll Payroll Tax Filings 1099 Filings Office administrative duties as needed A smile and the ability to make customers feel valued are essential to being accepted for this position. Applicant must also be very accurate and pay […]

Why Bad Bookkeeping Can Hinder Your Business Success

“[Accounting] isn’t all you have to do in business. But you have to do it.” ‐ Dave Ramsey ‐ Maintaining your books is like cleaning the bathroom: The longer you wait, the uglier it gets. Also like a dirty bathroom – especially if it is open to your customers – bad or no bookkeeping can […]

Top 5 Financial Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs 2016

I love entrepreneurship. I believe the determination, creativity, and ambition of America’s entrepreneurs to be largely responsible for the success of our nation’s economic engine. As I have had the opportunity to work with and advise several business owners (in addition to running my own), I have been able to observe what works and what […]

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