What you will get:

  • Increased profitability through proven strategies.
  • No more guessing on your overhead costs and bids.
  • New creative strategies to grow your business.

We offer the following consulting solutions:

Fishbowl Support

Need help with Fishbowl? We are ready to help with proper setup, implementation,optimization, and QuickBooks integration. We have years of experience with Fishbowl and can help you get it running smoothly!

Growing your Business

A growth strategy is critical if a business plans on being successful. A growth strategy combines minimizing operational costs while increasing profits.  Basinger CPA provides strategic planning consulting that will allow you to set goals for properly times growth while you continue to produce high quality performance.

Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business can be stressful and overwhelming. We can ensure you that you get the best value without regretting your decision later. We will ask the right questions, provided a thorough analysis, and make the best recommendations. We can take the guesswork out of selling and buying.

Overhead and Job Costing Analysis

As a business owner, when you make a profit on a job, you will want to compare your estimate with your end result. We can help you determine how much it costs you to keep your business running each month. We can answer all of your job costing system questions with proper design, analysis and implementation.

Bank Financing

Basinger CPA has extensive relationship with a network of bankers, making it easier for you get your loan approved. We can offer relief by gathering all of the information and data the bank requires.

Starting a Business

To successfully start a business you should have a methodical plan of action in place. We are able to help you prepare a business plan, assess your capital needs, file the proper paperwork, and we can even help you with your first employee payroll.

Financial Preparedness Plan

We offer solutions that are guaranteed to help you reach your goals.

The most important part of a financial preparedness plan is understanding why, when, and how you want to achieve your goals. By asking the correct questions we can help you find these answers.  We can help you discover what your goals are, what roadblocks are preventing you from reaching your goals, and how you can overcome those roadblocks.

Updating Goals, Measuring Results

Life isn’t always predictable and as your goals change your plan needs to be continuously reviews and adjusted to match those new goals. We will continually work to compare actuals, what was supposed to happen, and help make any necessary adjustment to ensure your goals are being achieved.



We can help you discover what your vision is and where you want to go. Once you understand where you are going we will help you understand how that relates to your clients. We are here to help you make the necessary changes you need to make in order to ensure customer loyalty. We can help put you on the right path to successfully leadership.

Building Internal Management Systems

We can help you build the perfect internal management system that will help you assist, track, and measure your staff’s performance.  With a proper management system in place you can start monitoring your employees and reward or discipline them accordingly. Avoid making any uniformed management decisions and boost employee moral when you work with Basinger CPA. Align your staff with your vision, ensure your marketing methods, and other business functions when you put your trust in us.



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